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Basic Photography (Full Online)

This class tackles the basics of photography in a practical way, with the goal of being able to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera in different exposure modes just after a few sessions. Technical and creative photography techniques are also covered in this class. This course caters to all kinds of participants — from amateurs to professionals in the making.

Method of Teaching

This is a live, instructor-led online class, complete with discussions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and offline project. This class uses Zoom and Google Classroom.

What will be covered

Getting Acquainted with Your Own DSLR / Mirrorless Camera

  • Proper camera handling
  • Camera main parts and their functions
  • Main camera controls
  • Common photography terms
  • Focal length
  • Focusing properly
  • Composition Part 1: Rule of thirds

Depth of Field and Shooting in Aperture Priority Mode

  • Exposure mode: Aperture Priority mode
  • Shooting in Aperture Priority mode
  • Adjusting the Exposure Value in Aperture Priority mode
  • Depth of Field
  • Understanding Light
  • Composition Part 2: What Catches Viewers’ Attention

Motion, Shooting in Shutter Speed Priority Mode and in Manual Mode

  • Exposure mode: Shutter Speed Priority mode
  • Shooting in Shutter Speed Priority mode
  • Adjusting the Exposure Value in Shutter Speed Priority mode
  • Motion
  • How your camera reads
  • Metering Modes
  • Exposure mode: Manual mode
  • Shooting in Manual exposure mode
  • Evaluation of photos from shooting exercises
  • Advanced exposure techniques
  • More on Lenses
  • Filters
  • Exposure Mode: Program and Auto
  • Using the camera flash
  • Camera care

Offline shooting exercises (Daytime)

1-hr Zoom session: Quick look and evaluation of daytime exercises
Offline shooting exercises (Afternoon and evening)


To understand the digital features of a digital camera, e.g., resolution, compression, file formats, etc., participants are advised to attend the seminar on Digital Camera Fundamentals before taking this workshop.


  • Any brand of DSLR or Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
  • Kit lens (the lens that the camera came with). A wide-to-telephoto variable focal length lens is preferred
  • A tripod is not required but would be very useful in the exercises
  • Students must have Gmail account (for Google Classroom), Zoom application, and stable internet connection.


  1. Includes e-certificate of completion
  2. Lifetime Free Refresher  (You may attend again the same course,  free of charge, on a space-available basis.)
  3. Alumni discount
  4. Enroll in our L2C (Learning to Certification) programs and get a globally recognized certificate. This course is part of:


Jan 03 - 05 2023


Class hours vary per date. Typical hours are as follows:
9:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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Online Learning

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes, and skills in operating a camera and composing a subject; setting up studio lights, equipment, and accessories; performing post-production stages; and presenting finished products in accordance with the industry standards.