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Blender for Beginners (Full Online)

This basic course offers an introduction to the popular open-source 3D modeling and animation software, Blender. Throughout the course, students learn fundamental concepts and techniques to create 3D models, characters, environments, and animations. The curriculum typically covers topics such as navigating the Blender interface, basic modeling tools and workflows, character design and rigging, environment creation, texturing, lighting, and animation principles. By the end of the course, participants gain a solid understanding of Blender’s capabilities and are equipped with the skills to start creating their own 3D projects. 

Method of Teaching

This course provides live instructor-led demonstration and discussions, student engagement and hands-on exercises using Zoom, Google Classroom and Blender (Blender Downloadable Link). When necessary, students will complete exercises after-class to be submitted before the next one.

Course Outline:
  1. Basics of User Interface and Navigation
    • Overview of the user interface design and navigation system
    • Intuitive controls for smooth interaction
    • Accessibility considerations
    • Basic Model Creation
  2. Introduction to creating 3D models
    • Tools and software for modeling
    • Techniques for efficient and effective model creation
    • Basic Character Design
  3. Fundamentals of character design
    • Anatomy and proportion considerations
    • Expressive features and personality traits
    • Basic Environment Design
  4. Principles of environment design
    • Creating immersive and coherent worlds
    • Techniques for detailing and decorating environments
    • Texturing Techniques
  5. Understanding texture maps and UV unwrapping
    • Painting textures for realistic surfaces
    • Applying materials to models for visual appeal
  6. Lighting Fundamentals
    • Importance of lighting in 3D scenes
    • Types of lighting sources and their effects
    • Techniques for achieving desired moods through lighting
    • Animation Basics
  7. Introduction to animation principles
    • Rigging characters for movement
    • Keyframing and timing for smooth animations

Blender, a versatile 3D software, runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It needs a multi-core CPU, 8GB+ RAM, and ideally a dedicated GPU for smooth performance. A display with 1280×768 resolution is recommended, and SSDs are preferred for faster loading. A three-button mouse or pen/tablet is best for navigation. Always check specific version requirements for optimal performance.

  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime/Unlimited Free Refresher  (You may attend again the same course,  free of charge, on a space-available basis.)
  • Alumni discount

Per Session Schedule


5 Consecutive Days - 3 Hours per Session
Live online instructor-led demonstrations and discussions, student engagement and hands-on exercises.


May 30 2024


This is a multi-day CONSECUTIVE course program. Check SCHEDULE below for actual days and class hours per session. Typical hours are as follows:
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Online Learning

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes, and skills in operating a camera and composing a subject; setting up studio lights, equipment, and accessories; performing post-production stages; and presenting finished products in accordance with the industry standards.