Graphic Design Software Applications (Level 1) Module

Graphic Design Software Applications (Level 1) Module

Duration: 14 sessions | 46 hours total

Fee: ₱14,500



This package equips the student with the essential tools for pursuing a career as a graphic artist for print media.

While many artists survive on Photoshop alone, it actually leaves them disadvantaged and unable to provide proper graphic arts services in corporate world. This program fills the missing pieces by including courses in illustration, page layout, image editing, and color management.

Bundled Courses

  • Digital Imaging and Color Management Fundamentals
  • Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials
  • Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials
  • Adobe InDesign CC Essentials


Students must have Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator/CorelDraw, Gmail account (for Google Classroom), Zoom application and stable internet connection.


Students must have basic computer operation skills.


  • The courses schedule are ongoing throughout the year. Student can attend the classes according to their availability, following the posted calendar of classes.
  • Class hours vary per course.
  • Availability of slot per course is on first-come, first-served basis.
  • To request for updated calendar, please fill up the request form below.

Duration & Fee

  • 14 days | 46 hours
  • ₱14,500 inclusive of VAT. This module fee is 15% cheaper than taking each course individually.

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes, and skills in operating a camera and composing a subject; setting up studio lights, equipment, and accessories; performing post-production stages; and presenting finished products in accordance with the industry standards.